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I got been searching for a collection of reindeer figures to display on my mantle during the Christmas period, but I couldn't find specifically what I needed. With a few simple art supplies and some twigs from my lawn, I made this pretty woodland reindeer set. Designer Pillow Covers

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These traditional reindeer are lovable upgrades to your home or Christmas-tree decorations. This vacation project guide includes different suggestions about how to decorate your deer, mainly because well as info about how to adapt them in size to suspend on your forest. measurements of a king size pillowcase.

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The first step for creating a twig reindeer can be to cut a piece of cardboard to make your deer's body. Your cardboard boxes should be inflexible, but flexible. The size of this cardboard boxes is adjustable. pillowcase good for skin and hair.

Satin pillowcase dollar tree,I cut my cardboard to end up being 5 ins high (this will later be folded in half) by 4 1/2 inches wide. This is normally a great starting size, as it gives you some region to decorate your deer. My completed adult reindeer is definitely about 9 1/2 inches tall by about 8 inches from nose to tail.

Next, fold your cardboard in half height-wise to type a tent form. Using my measurements, your folded piece of cardboard boxes will end up being 2 1/2 inches high by 4 1/2 inches wide.

pillow cases dollarama,Now you can beautify your piece of folded cardboard boxes to form the body of your reindeer. Become careful to preserve the fold in your cardboard boxes so it will still bend in fifty percent. Be sure to decorate both sides of your folded piece of cardboard boxes.

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european pillowcase ikea,There are many components you can make use of to beautify your reindeer (electronic.g. old Christmas cards or present wrap). You can make use of popsicle stays for a more rustic look, or decorative paper and glitter glue for a even more joyous experience.

Laser-Cut Wooden Structures Function Specifically Well!

I desired a woodland appearance for my reindeer, so I decided initial to cover my cardboard boxes with vacation present cover. Then I had taken a few laser-cut wood structures that I had bought at the build store and cut them into pieces. I cut the best and bottom level off the frames to produce decorative wood items for designing my deer (parts of paper doilies would give you a comparable appearance).